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Online Quantum Healing Session

Online Quantum Healing Session

Mona Mylène
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Quantum healing session 
  • physical , emotional mental benefits 
  • Release emotions and limiting beliefs 
  • Clear old patterns, traumas, akashic
  • Reconnect with Self
  • Help with many physical issues
  • Feeling of peace
  • Renewed and Replenished energy 

   An upgraded version of you

Here is a definition from my teacher

he D-Codes™ are currents of energy that open the channels for our soul to fully settle into the body. The frequencies that transmute pain, disease and old stories harbored in our cells, for good. They attune us to our multidimensional experience.

As a Certified D-Codes™ Practitioner, I take a holistic approach, tracking through all 5 energy bodies at once to get to the root of the issue. I can help you to clear out the karmic cycles, ancestral bindings, and general discomfort you are ready to release, bringing about connection on a deeper level to who you are.

In the D-Codes™, we do this through a unique combination of:
- tracking through all 5 energy bodies
- complex Akashic records
- cord and contract work
- intuitive life coaching
- mediumship
- in-person or distance space clearings
- hormonal and immune system support
- transmuting dark or unhelpful emotions and energies
- reconnecting you to your whole and healed version of self

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