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Mona Mylène

Mona is a wayshower, an intuitive healer and a teacher. She helps you shift into a new level of Self. She has a way of making you see what else is possible for you in your life and open doors you never knew existed.

She has been studying and trained in mystic studies and spirituality since childhood and can now lead her clients into remembering their power, who they are and why they are here.

She uses healing modalities like Dcodes, akashic records, mediumship, body proxying, tracking, emotional release, Reiki, breathwork,sound, yoga therapy and home and space clearing to get her clients to step into new possibilties.

Coming with intention to hold space for you, together with Mona you will lift a weight, a layer of self that was blockig your growth, your abondance, your healing, your success and your joy

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Mona is a beautiful, creative and caring soul

Lilyann G. Gonz

Mona motivated me to declutter my home to lif up my spirit. I love her natural and simple way of being.


Mona is very competent and in tune mentor, I took her chakra alignment program, it opened up a whole new level of consciousness for me


J'ai travaillé avec Mona sur la guérison énergétique et elle était excellente. Je me sens tellement mieux. Je peux sentir le changement. Merci, je la recommande vivement.

Monica Karam

Merci à toi, c'était très agréable! Toujours super de faire tes conférences, tu es tellement motivante, beaucoup de charisme, j'adore ça!


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