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The wave has passed


This is my third attempt, to write this blog, it keeps disappearing. Because i believe the universe is always looking out for me, i take it as a sign. So i reset my focus, realign with my message, and here we go :)

This summer flew by, July intense energies with mercury retrograding gave me the impression that i was behind on everything, it was exhausting and the heat on top of that.

I finally feel a release of tension in the air, in my body and my mind. Now that the most yang month of the year is behind us, vacation and social gatherings are slowly coming to an end, i'm excited to get back to my focus/mission/vision and for what's coming!

I took time off this summer to take a training in accessible yoga !

To me, Once you really understand what yoga does for your body/mind/soul. you would do it everyday. Yoga is your connection to your own true self. this is where all you wish/pray/desire is, in yoga.

Besides the many classes i teach, i now have a online yoga community called Yoga Vision, where i give weekly classes in a Facebook group,i also send it directly to your email box, and the class is uploaded here on the website in the members page.

It is my desire to make yoga accessible for all,

Yoga studios are expensive, up to 20$ a class.

Private yoga teachers start at 40$/hr

My online yoga is .30 cent / a day, and you get to do it anytime you want from the comfort of your own home.

I was so afraid and nervous about doing this, 3 months now, and the truth is i love it, it"s growing on me,and i can't wait for the next class. 

What about you?

Do you have dreams you are putting on hold because of fear?

Projects you want to accomplish but never get to it?

First of all, it drains your energy 

And if your are like me when i first started, i was being really hard on myself for not doing it. 

So my advise,

relax, trust that when you are ready you will start, choose to act on inspiration, give yourself permission to go with flow, let the momentum build...

 Once you let go of the feeling of obligation and guilt, and accept that you are where you are, i am what i am, than the desire resurface, with the courage, and will power. 

The swiss cheese process

This has really help me get through my hardest task... 

Just like the mouse making holes to go through the whole piece of cheese, i too see my task/project like a piece of cheese, and every time i spend time on it, it's a whole in the task. I love this process! It makes the unwanted/difficult/fearful task easier!

Be easy on yourself my friends, enjoy the journey, and please please please, practice yoga,  mine or anybody else class, but do yourself a favor , do a class!

it will improve the quality of your life !

Much love & Chi 

Mona xo




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