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The full moon has your back!

I remember thinking the full moon makes people act up! Every time there’s was a full unexpected things would happened. 

Now I understand that  the full moon is there to help you break into a new you. It often forces you to look at what you have been avoiding. 

I learned to use this energy to feel like I have control of my life . Creating a full Moon RItual monthly really help me clear some blocked energy , doubts , fears , habits , and also gave me a chance to CONNECT & ASK for support and guidance from the universe so I can release what doesn’t serve me  , what keeps me stuck and what stops me from my growth and my authentic self. 

My daily intention is always to feel good , Honor how I feel , and reaching for that best possible scenario .

A notebook called FULL MOON RITUALS ( Use half of the notebook for your Mew Moon Wishes) 

Create an ambiance dedicated for your ritual ceremony. Candles , crystals , detox tea 

Few deep cleansing breath 

10 minutes alignment meditation

Write in you book things you would like the Universe to help you

Maybe you need to let go a habit , or the belief that you can’t do it , or resistance  about someone, maybe you are angry about something for a long time, maybe you want to stop being afraid to start something new , or speak your truth. What ever it is , the universe and the moon approves and wants you to reach for more

You will feel empowered , in charge and hopeful for what’s coming

 Try it !!

This week I’m also working on my mid year goal alignment trainings 

With a bunch of beautiful people , I hold a 5 day  program to get aligned with your heart desires for 2019

I will hold a 3 day event for re-calibrating where you are at , if you are walking in the direction  your  dreams and goals , and re-aligning with what you truly want now . 

The power of alignment is everything when it comes to living your best life ! 

Catch up on all the 5 past trainings , and join in the up coming workshop , and make 2019, The year you took action into your best life !

 Check  it out in the shop only 19$, i would love to have you in the group Choose English or French trainings 

 *Take me to the store*

Have a wonderful week 

Love and Chi 

Mona xo


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