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Im alive!!

I did it!

First on line class

Spent so long worrying about it, now i wonder why, 

It was so much fun

It was like i wished it was

It was like i visualized it

It was like i journaled it

I feel blessed to know i am supported my the universe

My focus, meditations, and courage paid off


What about you?

Do you have a dream?

Is it so big it scares you?

What are you gonna do about it?

The journey of empowerment and courage starts with one single decision at a time,

Decide that you can, that you do have what it takes,

Make a decision to be who you want to be 

Because you too deserve to be happy!!

Realize you are unique and your story, your dreams and your talent are of service to the world

So give yourself  love and approval for all that you are

And see your life switch and the direction you always wanted

Shine bright !!

Love and Chi 

Mona xo



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