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First Blog / Sweet Drive of Mine / Sweet Fear of Mine

Welcome to my first post 

So how long have I been finding excuses, hiding, procrastinating?

A really long time, years, of wanting to do this, wanted to be of service, wanted to help others feel better  but I had fear. I thought all i needed was courage.Life was great for me until I made a bad business decision, and my whole life fell apart.

That's where i understood i needed more than courage, i needed my own fall, my own losses, my own failure in order to teach anybody how to find their own joy and recover from their fall.

With this blog and this online platform, I share the tools i used  to rise and healed from darkness, depression, failure, doubts, fear and more fear... fear was always the challenge. 

Turns out fear is waiting for all of us at the gate of every level you are reaching as you keep growing, expanding , becoming.

So the Blog brought up...

Fear of not knowing how to start, fear of not knowing what to say, fear of the commitment, fear to disappoint, fear to be judged, fear of the shade i could receive from  social media.fear of making a mistake, fear of everything really

The truth is,  it's all new this online thing for me and i don't know what i'm doing or if i am capable of doing it...

The marketing, the editing, the writing, social media presence, public speaking and all a online business takes much to much fear came...

But I realized that fear is really guiding me and showing me who i am. It also allow me to be authentic, to be courageous and focus on my purpose and desires, My  business is helping me i teach, i learn. as i open up about my journey, i heal others.

Do i wait till i'm healed to heal others?

Do i wait till i know everything about running a online business before i start?

Do i wait till i'm rich to teach about feeling abundant ?

Do i wait to have my yoga poses perfectly like the ones i see on Instagram and Facebook before teaching what i already teach weekly?

My motto and  mantra is:

I choose to start even if i'm not ready...even if it's not perfect,  even if i'm afraid!!!! 

One thing i do know for sure

What i know works, Yoga IS the way to a better you.

Alignment with you, your heart, your true self IS what you need to learn.

How i healed is available for everybody, I can show you how, 

My clients and students get results, they are happier, stronger, healthier. They find the joy they are looking for. They find the missing key.

Well Being and joy is available for everybody

I am excited to share, teach, and inspire you to rise up and get to that next level

Love and Chi 

p.s. My online adapted yoga classes starts wednesday May 15.





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  • Hi Mona, please send me the link for your online yoga! Merci!

    Vee Rowat

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